Waiting, and changing is hard. Something old is ending, and something new is starting, but not just yet.

I recently read an interesting article in Relevant Magazine about waiting and transitions. (See it here.)

It caused me to attempt to stay in the moment and appreciate right now instead of looking to the next step.

We get to live in a guest room on a farm.  It feels like camping.  We get to go to bed with fireflies and wake up with sunshine. We get to meet sheep and chickens and cows and a dog and a llama.


It’s not something that is easy, this 2 day old week has been tough:

-we had an offer fall through on purchasing our car after the mechanical check.

-which meant that we missed out on a potential second buyer, because by the time we got back to him he had already bought a car.

-now only spammers are emailing.

– we need another appraisal.

-a tool rental wreaked havoc.


It will work out, but waiting for it to work out is hard.



One thought on “transitions

  1. There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home. Your own home! Even if you haven’t lived in it yet!

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