I speak english, sorta

Sometimes I wonder if I really am understanding what people are saying to me.  Here are a list of common phrases that completely flummox me:

This Saturday (or other day of the week)
Next week (or other unit of time)
Move it up a week
Move it back a week
Spades and clubs in cards

What common phrases cause you the most confusion?


2 thoughts on “I speak english, sorta

  1. Mmmm, about 25% of the things my husband sez to me, usually just when giving me instructions of some kind. Yes, even after 31 years. My brain needs a picture–words just don’t always do it.

  2. move it up or back a week is defined differenlty by every person who uses it. so I say “What do you mean?” Depends if they are thinking of the calednar on the wall, (up is past, down is future) or as a continuum like the opening words of Star Wars… (up would be future and back would be past)

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