Chickens look like Robots!

You guys!  Before I lived on “The Farm” I thought chickens waddled like Ducks and that they clucked, or cheeped or something. So, when I started watching the chickens I was super surprised!  Chickens looked like Dinosaurs doing the Robot dance, or at the very least like robots; the way chickens walk is very staccato.  Also, they sound like mad cats, or really high-pitched cows.

For those of you who have never seen a chicken up close, here’s a video I took this morning. And yes, the “mmeeerh” sound is the chickens:


The other day I tried to do an impression of chickens for my sister, but I don’t think it was very successful, but it made me think about the chicken dances in Arrested Development.  I can’t decide which chicken impression looks the most like chickens:

What do the chickens sound like to you?  Which Arrested Development Chicken Dance is closest to a real chicken?


One thought on “Chickens look like Robots!

  1. Yes, and they do a little dance of sorts when they’re scratching for seeds and bugs. Scratch scratch with one foots, scratch scratch with the other, step back one foot after the other, then peck. I think that’s how it goes! Will Arnett’s chicken is definitely the most accurate, tho his seems to have a lot of caffeine in its system….

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