A-haying, A-haying

Have I ever tried to explain ‘haying’ to you?

I bet I didn’t make much sense.

They were haying at “The Farm” over the weekend, so I took some pictures to help with my explanation.

First, they cut the alfalfa that is growing in the field. It has to dry for a while.

An aside,when we were little driving through the Dakotas we got really good at identifying the crops growing in the fields that we drove past: alfalfa, soybeans, soybeans, corn, alfalfa, SUNFLOWERS!

The cut alfalfa stays piled in rows. The drying rows look like this:

Next, the rows have to be flipped over so the other side can dry.

Then, the  baler goes through and smooshes the piles into a 3-D rectangle, and then flings it into a hay wagon behind the baler.

Next, people have to climb into the wagon and take all the hay bales and stack them into neat piles in the barn.

It gets more complicated than that- There’s a difference between first, second and third cuttings in nutritional value;  The drying alfalfa has to get to a certain percentage of dryness.-  But that’s the basic idea.

Sound fun? “The Farm” always could use more workers to help with haying.


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