An Open Letter to Used Car Buyers

Dear person who is considering buying a used car directly from another person rather than a dealership,

Please remember several things as you proceed into the world of used car buying:

First, it’s ok to email or call us just for information. I understand the need to make sure we’re not scammers. You don’t need to say you’ll come see the car to be polite.  You don’t even need to say you’ll call us back; we’re not some girl you went on a date with; you won’t even hurt our feelings.  A simple “thanks for the information, have a nice day!” is a fine way to end the conversation.

Second, if you do say you’ll call or if you do say you’ll come see it, please remember we’re busy too and that we believe you and make time for you to come see it.  So, when you don’t come it’s frustrating. In fact, if you’re on the fence about whether or not you’re interested in the car just don’t say you’ll do either.

Finally, if you say you’re coming to see our car and something comes up and you can’t come see our car, that’s fine!  You can call us and tell us that; we’d rather know for sure you aren’t coming than sit and wonder. Even if you change your mind within 30 minutes!

Choose to be the man who came and saw our car, test drove it, told us he’d let us know, decided he didn’t want the car and then called to tell us that! Sincere thanks!

If you can remember these steps I truly believe you’ll make the world a better place.



P.S.  Our car is still for sale (see the above picture).

Update:  We sold it!  To a person who did all of these things!  The world is a better place indeed!


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