Small Spaces

We (read as Josh) have been working on the upstairs bathroom in our house. It was pretty ugly; we’re hoping to replace it with something useable and functional for when we eventually sleep on the second floor of our house. Despite the fact that I’ve previously mentioned that our house is huge, our upstairs bathroom is not. Think 6.5 ft by 5ft not.

The smallness of the space was a mental challenge for several days. When we asked google some of the advice was laughably unhelpful for us; i.e. Save space by having just a shower and not a bathtub.  Ummmm, we already have just a shower.

This is not a tale of woe, however, because then we found ideas on Ikea’s website!!

For the uninitiated, Ikea is a home furnishing company based out of Sweden, that sells furniture that you assemble yourself.

Ikea currently has a whole series articles and videos with tips and tricks for small spaces! 

They designed a living space for 6 people in 131 square feet, and they reimagined a living room so that it has more than just a tv facing a couch.  Check out this video that introduces the ideas:

We’re nowhere near finished with our bathroom.  In fact we’re not completely certain that our theoretical plan will work in real life.  The principles that the video inspired us to think about include the following.

  • Multi-purpose: everything within the room needs to serve more than one purpose.
  • Thoughtful: everything is in its place for a reason; not just because it was there or because it always has been there.
  • Use vertical space

We hope to use the principles even in some of our spaces that aren’t super tiny. Go check out Ikea, and check out all the rooms that they made! It’s very inspiring.

Here is a bonus video that discusses the 131 square foot living space for 6 people:

Let me know what you think!  What was your favorite idea from any of the rooms?  And how cute were the two chaise seats facing each other?


2 thoughts on “Small Spaces

  1. The 2 chaise seats were definitely high on the list of something that worked cooly. (Coolly?) And the wall of shelves. However, I can think of a reason why 6 people should not sleep in the same room all the time: snoring. Seriously. If even half of the 6 snore–oh my word. Or 1/3. Or one exceptionally loud snorer out of the 6!! Go for shelving and chaises and leave the multiple beds out…..

    1. Wow, hadn’t thought of that. Screen for snoring?? I was mostly in awe of how efficient their use of space was, and the kitchen counters around the post.

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