I saw a video about Whole Brain Teaching today.  Watch the video:

And while I sort of get where it’s coming from (whole body movement, everyone is participating and engaged), I am still completly terrified.

What about kids who can control their movements that well? What about comprehension?  What about application?

Am I completely off-base?

Your thoughts?


trying to be open-minded but failing



3 thoughts on “Teaching

  1. It’s intriguing, but it assumes that every student will cooperate with every aspect, and doesn’t recognize that some students would be overstimulated by the pace of it. Or left behind by the pace of it. It would be interesting to see if the kids really comprehended and retained more this way over the long haul, or if it’s just the latest not-so-effective educational fad.

  2. Well…
    I could see this in some situations where rote memory is required but it seems to me you are teaching a lot of unnecessary things that will be hard to undo .
    Kids with noise sensitivity would have trouble and kids with defiance issues would not participate but kinetic learners might really like it. The “Claaaasss” nonsense would put me around the bend.jc

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