Searching for Hobbies

I’ve recently been thinking about cultivating hobbies and interests as well as creating a life list (a la Mondo Beyondo, or Mighty Girl)…

I haven’t figured out the best way to start.

Soo, today in an attempt to humor myself I searched the internet for various resources to aid my inquiry.

1. I found a quiz at CNN

Their results for me:


Life is a journey, and you take the
time to smell every single rose along the way. Your brain is a sponge, soaking
up every detail of life around you, and you constantly look inward to figure out
the ties that bind you to the universe. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but
it’s what makes you tick. You might like hobbies like participating in
archaeological digs, botany, assembling models, playing the stock market,
meditation or even parapsychology.

I didn’t even realize that parapsychology could be a hobby.  According to Wikipedia it includes clairvoyance, and telekinesis.  I guess it could be like the people who are ghost hunters.

2.  Here’s a Martha Stewart Quiz.  This quiz is limited to  summer hobbies.  This intrigued me because when I started this search it had not occurred to me to separate my hobbies by season!;jsessionid=GVLvT9zF6hy8j7SLnz72yzL1tFFTWzYp2v1Bsh2Jz277MngL1Lvp!-2019625122?qnum=Q1&ans=true

You are finished!

You are undoubtedly Perfect  for Scrapbooking

Whether you’re taking photographs of friends or  collecting souvenirs on vacation, summer memories are important to you. Make use  of your keepsake items and put together a summer  scrapbook or memory book.

A Perfect for Yoga
B Perfect for Hiking
C Perfect for Scrapbooking
D Perfect for Making Shell Crafts

So I guess if I follow this advice I’ll take lots of classes to learn things and then scrapbook about them.

Not quite. Guess I’ll have to keep looking.


3 thoughts on “Searching for Hobbies

  1. I know a guy whose hobby is hobbies. He seeks out hobbyists, interviews them, takes pics, etc., and, yes, scrapbooks (electronically on his blog) the results.

    He keeps a Top 10 lists of hobbies, etc.

    The thing is, he has to see it and talk to the hobbyist for it to count.

    He loves county fairs.

  2. Gee, I would have thought scrapbooking would be more of a winter hobby, especially in our neck of the woods. If your only choice is parapsychology or assembling models, I’d go for assembling models!

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