Failure and goals

In thinking about life and role models and goals I was struck by this video I saw recently.

Perhaps we should practice failing gracefully and we’ll have big goals and innovation.


One thought on “Failure and goals

  1. The dancer in his illustration didn’t fail. She went to dance school and became a huge success!
    Here are the questions I think of:
    ~What is the goal of teaching? Is there an agenda beyond reading/writing fundamentals/math?
    ~To what extent is a child allowed to integrate their own beliefs, interests, talents into those fundamental topics?
    ~How much time does the child spend in large group settings?
    ~How much time does a child spend outside of large group settings (and/or school) in UNstructured settings?
    ~Is a child allowed/encouraged to have goals that don’t include kollej?
    ~What kinds of people are allowed/encouraged to become teachers (in the teacher kollejes)?
    ~What are the goals of those who run teacher kollejes?
    ~Why are parents not bolder in getting their children’s issues resolved in a way that’s positive for the child, when issues arise?
    ~Why does nothing ever change in education? This presentation was great, but these concepts are not new at all. Why do the vast majority of schools never change?

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