Teaching Revisited

So I had the opportunity to see some of the techniques that were in the video about Whole Brain Learning. See the post.

And to be completely fair I didn’t hate them in action.

Here’s some of the techniques that I watched in person that worked well with middle schoolers.

+Ritualized Call and Response to gain attention

“Claaaaassssss….. Yeeees.”

It worked because teacher had complete control and attention from students without raising her voice; and the kids returned to focusing very quickly.

+Students teaching each other

In this case however, the students were paired up to explaining the parts of a cell. In each pair one person explained (in their own words) about the cell and the other student was listening to their explanation.

It worked because the students had to give explanations out loud multiple times and in their own words. They  weren’t talking over their partners.  And it gave an opportunity for the teacher to check in with all students to figure out who was struggling without drawing attention to them.


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