Finding more Books!

You Guys! I found the solution to my problems. Let me back up. As a teen I devoured the books in the Young Adult section and never had trouble finding books to read. Every once and awhile I would venture to the Grown Up books sections, but the selection was vast, and I found no discernible way to navigate the books. So, I usually have a hard time finding books to read.

I already told you about Goodreads, which helps me to find books based on other people’s recommendations.

But, now I found something even cooler!

It’s called Novelist, and it’s a database through Ebscohost. You can look up a favorite book or author and get a list of recommendations with similar books or authors.

It also lets you search by adjectives that describe the style and tone of the book. It reminded me of how you search for music on Pandora.

For example, I searched for The Book Thief and it found books that were “Lyrical” and “Stylistically Complex.”
It suggested The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake  by Aimee Bender (which was unavailable, so I checked out short stories by the same author), but I checked out The Road by Cormac McCarthy, and Gilead by Marilynne Robinson.

We’ll see if I end up enjoying them, but they are definitely not books I would have thought to check out myself, and they do look intriguing.

Here is the link to the Novelist access through the Madison Public library (you’ll need your library card number),

I have access through my local library  and if you don’t live in the Madison-area I bet you have access through your local library as well.

Try it out! Let me know what books it suggests to you and what type of book descriptors intrigued you.


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