I probably should have learned to fold a t-shirt by now

Despite the fact that we’ve done lots of work on our house to make it more awesome, we still haven’t quite figured out a closet situation. I mean, we’re working on it, because we bought some closet organizer shelving.

However, I struggle with closet organization and dresser organization mightily and most of the time we just keep our closes in unfolded, clean piles. (Apologies to our mothers for sharing that factoid on the internet!) Or when I attempt to fold my clothes they are lopsided or uneven.

Mostly this is to say that my slightly haphazard and imprecise folding methods are the bane of the existence of any of my house mates, including my husband.

While watching Big Bang Theory, I discovered a solution that might reduce my annoyance to my neat-loving husband!

Check it out below,

Look! Everything is neat! I probably couldn’t screw it up too terribly!
And it’s a real thing, http://www.flipfold.com/

Has anyone used one in real life? Did it transform your life?

Inquiring minds.


One thought on “I probably should have learned to fold a t-shirt by now

  1. Seriously?!! This is from a culture that has too much time on its hands. :oD I would still just throw underpants in the drawer without folding….

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