Brain sneak attack

Ever have a fact you’ve known a really long time sneak up on you and blow your mind when you actually think about it?


The other day I was playing a game where I had to name words based on a specific category.

“Let’s name things that need water to live.”

Cells, trees.

Yup. Yup. Those are right.

“Let’s name things that you would see at a birthday party.”

Favors, cake, ice cream.

Yup, yup, yup. They all fit.

Let’s name things that are red.”


Yup, blood is red.

Wait! But the blood in my arm is blue! Whoa, but they’re called red blood cells, but wait most of the time they’re in my arm and they’re blue. Why oh why are they called red blood  cells? Jump back!

Boom! Mind blown.


It’s kind of like when you see a word too often and then it starts looking weird.

weird weird weird weird weird weird weird  weird weird weird weird weird.

Aaaand with that, I just ruined your night.




One thought on “Brain sneak attack

  1. That happened with me recently! I can’t remember which word it was tho. I think it started with an H, and it suddenly looked very strange…..

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