How To Be A Grownup: Voting part 1

I’m starting a new occasional series describing the tasks required to be a grownup. Hopefully, it will be a mixture of funny and informative which is ‘how we do’ around here.

In the United States, once you turn 18, you get to vote. Unless you are a felon.
Voting is, obviously, a very grownup activity:

  • You stand in lines waiting to get to vote.
  • To cast your vote you can draw a line in an arrow, punch a card, or pull a lever.
  • When you’re done they give you a sticker.

I’ve founds some voting resources that will help out with knowing the laws about elections in your state, figuring out your polling location and accessing a sample ballot.

If you’ve never ever learned about voting, or if you’re moving to a different state a good resource to get started is a website by the League of Women Voters called

Screenshot from the website

You can  look up laws, registration deadlines, election dates and other information state by state here,which is important because every state operates differently when it comes to elections.  It also allows you to search what will be on your ballot ahead of time, however it sometimes only has big races (e.g.,President, Governor) and lacks information about local races.

Typically in Wisconsin, you can find out information about elections via your county’s website. For example, here is clerk’s website for Dane County in Wisconsin.  It has the results of past elections, election dates, other information.

In Wisconsin, another good website to look at is Voter Public Access You can search by name to check your registration status and your voting history.  Or, you also look your polling place by your address.  Either search will also provide you a sample ballot with all the candidates and races for your precinct. 

What other voting registration resources do you use?


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