What was once a door

We showed you our crazy subfloors yesterday and perhaps you wondered what we were working on.  You’re in luck, no more wondering!

We’ve been working on our entryway/mud room/future laundry room this weekend. We demolished the chimney, and took down the old ceiling back in August. It was the first week we lived here. You can see some of it here.  Then, we moved on to lots of other projects and left it in an unfinished state.

Gradually between business projects, we’ve been working on the room.  First, we added a secondary wall around the whole room, with insulation. We realized we were losing a lot of heat because the walls were not well insulated.  This weekend we decided to remove the door between the kitchen and the entryway/mudroom/future laundry room.  We also widened the space where the door was to make the doorway wider.





Up next, the walls need to get taped/mudded.  Then we get to paint the walls.