Road Trip: Minneapolis

So, I have a bit of a crush on Minneapolis.

I’m curious about what’s going on there, I memorize facts about the city and a like to visit it.

We stopped by “the cities” this weekend. Here’s what we did:

We visited the Mill City Museum. It tells the history of flour milling in the city of Minneapolis and it is housed in the ruins of a Flour Mill that had a huge fire. We thought it was pretty neat. We especially like their end grain butcher block floors. They had cool exhibit where you could ride in a freight elevator and see a reenactment of how the mill worked.

Here’s a view of the ruins:

Every Saturday, all around the museum is the Mill City Farmer’s market.
We saw cool woven rugs from Peru.

We stopped for Brunch at Spoon River Restaurant.

We had Mango juice:

Josh had a Moroccan-spiced lamb burger with corn chips:

And I had Chicken, udon noodle salad with peanut-lemongrass dressing:

What fun!
If you’re headed to Minneapolis I’d also recommend that you check out the Minneapolis Institute of Art.

Know somewhere cool I should try in the Twin Cities? Let me know.


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