Road Trip: Theodore Roosevelt National Park near Medora, North Dakota

The details: Theodore Roosevelt National Park near Medora, South Dakota.  There’s a North Unit and a South Unit. We only visited the South Unit for about 3 hours.

We went to the visitor’s center and learned about the type of rocks that are featured in the views and some of the history of Theodore Roosevelt.  It was interesting stuff, due to the fact Ol’ Teddy is one of my favorite presidents. I mean how can you not love a guy who named his party the Bull Moose political party and was featured in the movie Newsies?

Next, we drove through the 36-mile scenic loop of the park.  We even took a small hike to view the park from up high.

Things we saw:

In addition to the views, we also saw several Bison, wild horses, and our favorite the Prairie Dogs.The Prairie Dogs were pretty hilarious, and super busy digging in their holes.

According to the visitor’s center, scoria is a type of volcanic rock. The scoria point overlook didn’t have actual scoria rock, it just looked like it did.

This rock looks a bit like Yoda:


Here’s a view from above:

At the top of the hill, we also found prairie cactus (what I’m calling it, I don’t know the official name).

Here’s one of my favorite pictures of a baby Bison.

Something that looked cool that we didn’t try:

There’s a 97-mile bicycle trail between the North and South units called the Maah Daah Hey Trail that looked cool to try.


2 thoughts on “Road Trip: Theodore Roosevelt National Park near Medora, North Dakota

  1. That DOES look like Yoda!!! Teddy Roosevelt’s kids brought a pony up the White House elevator once too, if I remember correctly (from my reading, not from being there…)

  2. I loved the pictures and it made me homesick for Montana which on the eastern
    side has views like that. I will look up the cactus in my book and see if I can find the
    name. It is a lovely picture and so are the rest. You are getting very good! Thanks
    so much. Yes that rock formation looked like Yoda! Love, Gmaw

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