Road Trip: Glacier National Park near West Glacier, Montana

The Details:

We spent 1 night at Glacier National Park camping and exploring some of the views.  We were there a smidge too early in the season, because the Going to The Sun Road was not open, thus we did not have access to both the West and East sides of the park from within the park. (We could have driven back around the outside of the park, but we did not.)

However, this allowed us to see Glacier National Park with much fewer people than during peak season.

We visited several of the villages, explored the campground and ate at Lake McDonald Lodge (it was raining on our campsite at dinner time.)

What We Saw:

Right from our campsite was a little beach, where we sat and watched the mountains. Well, and skipped rocks.

In the morning, the lake was very foggy and we couldn’t see beyond our campsite.

We found a cool old tree, with exposed roots.  How cool would that be as a table?

In the morning, as we drove around we saw two baby black bears wrestle-walking along the road. They sort of tumbled across the asphalt until they reached the trees where they reunited with their mama bear.  Unfortunately, we missed our chance to get a picture, but here’s the signs they had up to remind people it was “Bear Country.”

Check out the waterfall! Um, yes I’d live here!

One of my favorite pictures that Josh took.  What a view! Boat, lake, fog and mountain.

Things we Didn’t do that Looked Fun:

Take any of the hikes that went up close to Glaciers.

Drive the Going To The Sun Drive in its entirety.


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