Road Trip: Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

No big deal, just you know Elk in the Parking Lot

The Details:

We spent about 4 hours in Yellowstone National Park. We entered from the North entrance near Gardiner, Montana, and exited out the east side.

If you want to know our exact route, click here to look at the map, we went from Mammoth Falls to Norris to Canyon Village to Lake Village to the East Entrance.  Along the way we stopped at sights along the road.

Overall, we found Yellowstone to be so pretty that it hurt to look at it. It felt very surreal to constantly be around such extreme beauty.  Additionally, even though we went to a small segment of the park we saw various landscapes from prairies to mountains to geysers to lakes.

What We Saw:

Mammoth Falls

Sheepeater Cliff

We got stuck behind some bison, who weaved in and out of the road.

Sulphur Caldron

While we knew Yellowstone was a hotbed of geothermal activity, we somehow missed that it used be a volcano.  Our drive took us right through the caldera of the former volcano.

Burnt Forest

Things we didn’t see that looked fun:

Petrified Tree

Firehole lake

Grand Teton National Park (directly south of Yellowstone)


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