How It Often Happens

So, our life has been a series of silly things recently which is how it often happens.

  • After years of putting my glasses through the ringer by running into concrete walls (yes 7th grade was good to me), or getting smooshed by toddlers I decided to take care of my newest pair of glasses.  After one month of babying my glasses, the nose pad fell off for no apparent reason.  Completely fixable, but still rather silly.


  • We’ve recently been considering tweaking Josh’s business situation and were talking about ‘maybe’ taking on fewer projects. We had 4 previous clients contact us in the past 36 hours.


  • We moved our tv to our bedroom since our living room is under construction. We now watch less tv and are both reading books almost every night.


  • Most days we get several pieces of mail. On days where we put mail out for our mailman to pickup we do not get mail and the mailman skips our house leaving our mail ‘un-sent’. This has happened on at least two occasions in the past two weeks.


Has anything silly happened in your life recently?



4 thoughts on “How It Often Happens

  1. Bringing sheep mineral inside becuz it’s supposed to rain, except it never rains??? Even when I bring the sheep mineral in! :o0

  2. In a book I won from Martha Stewart… serendipitous surprise in a summer of cancellations and nonsense…there is a pic of a beautiful nativity. I said wow… she probably picked this up in Italy…but no…she wrote in the caption that while she was incarcerated in VA she made it in ceramic class…go to jail, make a nativity…that is silly!

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