TV shows that no longer exist, about which I am sad

I’m making a list of tv shows that no longer are on tv. I’m pretty bummed most of these are gone.  If we’re being honest though this is list is so that I remember they are on hulu, so I can watch them after terrible days.

Here they are in no particular order:

The Unusuals

People you may recognize: Jeremy Renner, Amber Tamblyn
Basic idea: Police show with crazy characters such as Brain tumor guy, pompous guy, guy who is scared of the number 44, religious ex-con, guy who owns a restaurant on the side who only is open when home, and super rich girl detective with crazy cases such as a murder store.
My favorite part: The sarcastic dispatcher voice

This show expires on hulu in 5 days.

People you may recognize: Rosemarie Dewitt, Gina Torres, Ron Livingston
Basic idea: Hostage negotiators who are dating each other (oops that’s against the rules)
My favorite part: The psychology or pseudo-psychology used to figure out the perpetrators

(the link won’t embed


People you might know: Damian Lewis, Sarah Shahi
Basic idea: Police detective wrongly accused of crime, released, back on the job and quasi-Buddhist
My favorite part: The overarching revenge mystery

Other favorites:

Firefly: Cowboys in space, however most of the episodes are only available on huluplus

The Mole, game show where people do spy stuff, however it’s not available online right now

What’s your favorite tv show that’s gone?


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