(Fictional) FAMILY DRAMA!

So, I’ve been watching The Lizzie Bennet Diaries since this summer, and as much as I love the Darcy/Lizzie storyline, the most surprising appeal of this adaption has been the interaction between the strong female characters. Earlier this series they showed Charlotte and Lizzie’s fight about life choices (specifically Charlotte taking a job from Mr. Collins.) Most recently the “fall” of Lydia has been the main part of the story telling.


It started with a birthday present gone wrong:


Which led to Lydia lashing out because of her hurt feelings and saying very hurtful things…

Which led to more fighting, and well, just watch….

This narrative arc has been a heartbreakingly accurate take on how both sides in a fight can think they’re right, and now a small fight can escalate into something huge. We’ve all been there, right? (Well, maybe nothing this dramatic or terrifying, but something close.)

Lizzie who loves books would of course think the best way to move into a new life stage would be to read a book about it, and she probably thought that Lydia would take life advice from someone who had a similar personality rather than her “nerdy” sister. She might have even thought that energetic was a nicer adjective than “drunk” and “slutty-whore” (which are both adjectives that Lizzie used for Lydia at the beginning of the series.) Lydia is extremely sensitive to the idea of being left behind by her sisters and sees Bing/Darcy as a threat to her family-unit. And through the rest of her videos you can see that Lydia is feeling very lost and is very fragile. And probably needs a hug, rather than a lifestyle confrontation.

This last video will be hard to watch, since it’s someone rationalizing mid-downfall, but it still helps understand the thought process:

My hope is that they’ll be able to tell the story of how Lizzie and Lydia can forgive each other and how they learned better ways to communicate from their fight. Stay tuned!


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