2013 is the year of Symmetraversary

In August, Josh and I will have been married 4 years after dating 4 years.  So, the number geek in me is freaking out that the numbers match (4+4=8)! * I’ve renamed the day our Symmetraversary**, anyway it’s gotten me in a very nostalgic place, so here’s a couple memories from 8 years ago from this monthish that lead up to our dating. I’m writing them down more for me than anything else, but perhaps they’ll serve as proof that life is rarely like a romantic comedy.

+New Year’s eve 2004 there was a game night at the church I grew up with.  I walked Josh out to his car, because he was going to some sort of party with his co-workers.  Some sort of banter involving me telling Josh “Don’t get drunk!.” (Last time I’d see Josh until April.)

+Around the same time, Josh stopped attending a youth group (where we had been leading music together.) I sent Josh an email with the general gist of, “haha you thought if you stopped coming to youth group we’d stop being friends, but you’re stuck with me.”  Thus beginning our email-penpal relationship.

* Number pattern freaking out is not a new phenonmenon.  Our wedding date is 08-01-09 (8+1=9), my married name has 22 letters (22=age that I got Married), my maiden name has 16 letters (16= date that I was born). 

** Combining the word symmetry and anniversary, can you think of a better term?


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