This week really takes the cake

Wherein I describe the delightful highlights of our week, which hopefully you’ll laugh at, or otherwise you might cry.

Early this week (Tuesday?), Josh’s phone started spontaneously losing sound, meaning that he could call someone, but he couldn’t hear what they were saying back.  Then, it magically got better, so we kept going, as you do.

On Thursday, Josh had the day off, and decided he wanted to make Turkey pesto onion sliders as a fun treat, since he’d be home all day. (Aside, it was delicious.)  He went to the grocery store, bought less than 10 items, then went back out to his car.  He then noticed that the tire had gone flat. He decided to attempt to put on the spare tire, but was confronted with overly tight lug nuts, therefore nixed the idea.  (Also, the parking brake had already died in that car, as in our car guy suggested that we remove it to be safer. Thus, causing the whole endeavor to be overly complicated.)  Josh then decided to just walk home since it was only a mile from our house. And a trip that should have taken 10 minutes, was over 2 hours.

I got this text message at work “Can I use the car tonight? The neon has a flat and I need to take the air compressor to the store to fill it.”

So, I got home from work, Josh loaded the air compressor into the trunk of the car, and we drove our newer car to the store.  Josh got out to fill the tire, and since it was freezing I waited in the car. I got a phone call from a distraught family member, Josh came over to let me know that I could go, but I didn’t want to interrupt my clearly-crying phone call person. so, I waved him off, as you do.
Josh drove home.  So, picture this I was literally sitting in the jam-packed grocery store parking lot talking to my upset-family member, but I couldn’t leave because it was a pivotal moment, and I couldn’t drive home because I didn’t want to die. I was just sitting in the parking lot watching all the crazies drive their cars and try to drive into me while they were parking. All the while we were discussing the dating philosophy learned from Pride and Prejudice and how New Girl represents the zeitgeist of a Quarterlife Crisis.

On Friday, Josh texted me “Could you call my phone? I think it’s doing that thing where I can’t hear people again.”

And I called, and it was.

I texted, why don’t you go get a new phone since you don’t have to be to work until noon?

Josh: In our upstairs bathroom one of the water lines is starting to drip. It’s really slow but it’ll have to be taken care of.  So I thought just call a plumber and have him cap them for us, but my phone doesn’t work so there that is.”

Eventually, we figured out the phone worked on speaker phone and that the plumber could come and fix the leaky pipe.

Josh called me a lunch:

J: Do you know where the main water shut off is?

K: Ummm, no…?

J: Detailed location explanation.

J: The plumber put new caps on the pipes, but since they’re new he doesn’t want the water on while neither of us are home.

K: Oh, ok. So I just turn it on when I get home?

J: Yeah, and then go check that the bathroom isn’t flooding.

K: What am I looking for, like a trickle?

J: No, it will like overflow the bathroom.

K: Oh, fun. Awesome. What should I do if that happens? Call somebody?
J: Nah, just turn the water back off.

K: Oh…K.  So, send me a picture of what I’m supposed to turn on.


All is well, but seriously, what a week!

That doesn’t even include the wacky weather (Wednesday needed three car-snow-removal-brushings since I had to be at multiple buildings), and regular life that also happened.

I’m sure I’m not the only one, tell me your tales of woe and maybe we’ll feel better!


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