Living Room Inspiration

Hello lovelies,


I’m looking forward to when I get to paint my living room, which won’t be for a while, but I’m excited regardless.  Last summer I found a picture of a beautiful doorway

I love the bold lines. I love the blue hue. I love the drama. I haven’t been able to shake the feeling since. I’m hoping to do something like this in my living room. For awhile we even had the paint tape outline on our unfinished walls, however the stickiness started to die so we took it down.

Stay tuned.

Tell me about a picture that stuck with you.


3 thoughts on “Living Room Inspiration

  1. Our home is filled with pictures that stuck with me, tho one of a quilt idea and another of a red leather chair were also intriguing in the past (trying to remember where I put those…) Luv your blue two tone wall idea!

    1. Colorful furniture is always exciting. I’ve been drawn to a lot of rooms with yellow couches. Yellow of all the colors to like!

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