Walled in

Forgive me if I’ve shared this story with you. Earlier this summer we created an archway to our living room that didn’t exist, I shared some photos on instagram, but it appears I didn’t include photos here.

We were working on our living room (it looked kinda like this at that point):

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We were sitting around eating lunch examining the walls in our kitchen and imagining new layouts. We decided it was lame that there wasn’t a doorway to the bathroom from the living room, and that you had to go around through the kitchen. We were thinking about moving our washer and dryer out of the kitchen anyway, and were trying to figure out how to use that corner of the kitchen. We decided to add a doorway where there wasn’t one in the living room, and to change the kitchen doorway to a wall.

Will it work?

Move the doorway?

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Here’s a photo mid hole creation:

Crazy or cool?

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Contemplation from the vantage point of the kitchen (aka what it used to look like…)

This is the current doorway

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We didn’t get much further than that project-wise, because we decided to live with it for a while to see if we still enjoyed the changes. On Valentine’s Josh surprised me by getting further along in the project, which involved closing off the former doorway. Here’s what it looks like from the living room looking up the stairs. To your right is where the kitchen is, and to your left is the entrance to the bathroom. It feels way less cramped in that hallway because the doorway allows natural light in and the opening is taller than a typical doorway. This also helps match our new higher ceilings (we used to have dropped ceilings and gained about a foot and a half of ceiling space).

New wall where the doorway was (to your L is kitchen, to your R is 1st floor bathroom)

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Here’s the view from the kitchen

From the kitchen

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