I’m not gonna lie
this past last year and a half
has been some of the hardest I’ve lived
in a while

and I usually don’t talk about it
and I usually keep it close
to the vest
and sometimes it’s hard to get out
from inside my own head

long-held dreams
disappointed upon arrival
and have yet to be replaced

a festering family fight became
an inferno embroiled
the distance and time seems
only to fan the flames

we’ve become
unanchored from our home spaces
(we can’t go back, can’t go back)
and yet unattached to our new

and yet!  all is not lost
maybe it’s the rumblings of spring
bringing a blitzkrieg of change
or perhaps
I’ve learned the lesson
of boundaries
hope is making its way
to the top


6 thoughts on “personal

  1. Welcome to Grownupland! Sigh…..I do sense a cooling of the inferno looming. Or hovering. Or whispering. Or something…….

  2. After a Wintner’s Silence

    Along the terrace wall snowdrops have pushed through Hard ice,
    making a pool.
    Delicate stems now show white bells as though
    The force, the thrust to flower Were nothing at all.
    Who gives them the power?

    After a winters silence I feel the shock of spring.
    My breath warms like the sun, Melts ice, bursts into song.
    So when that inner one Gives life back the power
    TO rise up and push through,
    There’s nothing to it.
    We simply have to do it,
    As snowdrops know When snowdrops flower.

    May Sarton

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