Attachments also Stupid and Contagious

I had a pretty good haul at the library today. Yay books!

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I sometimes get stuck when I’m reading books either I read books for young adults or books from 200 years ago. And while both are lovely (Hello Harry Potter and all of Jane Austen’s books) every once and awhile it’s nice to read books for people my own age. Here are a couple of books about 20-something-year-olds that I read this month.

Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

Hey mom, remember when I was a kid and you’d always joke about writing a book about a man who falls in love with the automated library voice lady? (Or was it a lady who falls in love with a man-voice? I can’t remember!) Well, this book is kind of like that. Ok, not really at all but that memory kept popping into my head while I was reading. Attachments is actually about Lincoln who works overnight as the Email police at a local newspaper, as in he reads emails that the computer monitoring system flags as inappropriate at work and sends discipline notices to the emailers.  He ends up being fascinated by the exchange between two lady friends and chooses not to warn them to stop.  He eventually falls in love with one of the ladies without ever seeing her in person and it changes his whole life. It sounds kind of creepy, but in the story it’s rather sweet. Also, it takes place in 1999 so everyone is all worried about Y2K, remember that?

In three words: quirky, heart-warming, quarterlife-crisis.

I’d recommend it to people if you like stories written in letter format, or You’ve Got Mail.

Stupid and Contagious by Caprice Crane

I always forget that Romantic comedy is a genre of book in addition to a genre of movie. This books would definitely be classified as a romantic comedy.  Stupid and Contagious switched back and forth between the  points of view of Brady and Heaven. Brady runs his own unsuccessful record label and keeps coming up with inventions that he hopes will make him rich or famous (Cinnamilk).  Heaven lost her job as a PR rep and is currently a terrible waitress.  They end up being awkward neighbors.  Eventually they go on a road trip to try to get a new band for Brady’s company and sell Starbucks his Cinnamilk idea.  The book started slowly for me, but once I got to know the voice of each character I couldn’t put it down. Although, the end was a bit rushed for me.   This one is rated PG-13+ for language and nudity if that sort of thing bothers you.

In three words: quarterlife-crisis, road trips, sass

I’d recommend it to people who are looking for a fun Spring/Summer read.


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