Future Entries for the Oxford English Dictionary

In highschool,
if you would have asked me
I probably would have said
noun, a person who creates new words
which isn’t even a real word,
I made it up.

Back then, I loved the idea of
rearranging and combining
word pieces and chunks
to forge the
perfectly precise descriptor
for every moment

At one point in Calc class
I also created
verb, thinking too many things at once
describing both the panic-y feeling
I got with tests; and my penchant
for thinking a multitude
of thoughts

I’ve realized now, however,
life doesn’t really work that way
you can’t sculpt the perfect sentiment
from feelings
and answers don’t fall fiercely from the sky
when you need them
precise words are sometimes too cutting
to give them away
some moments can’t
even be described
in words


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