Last night’s phone call

It happens every month or two, a call
from my husband’s far away friend for news.
I tend to eavesdrop while they talk; it’s all
on house plans, job tasks and what tools to use.
After months of check-ins, my glimpse so small
Male friendship: a person who shares your views.
Surprise, the most connected and verbose
of all our friendships: two laconic bros!

Here's my poem false starts from today

Here’s my poem false starts from today

Today’s prompt was Ottava Rima (8 lines, iambic pentameter abababcc). I had never heard of it before today, and I’m not going to lie iambic pentameter almost killed me.  However, it was solving a complex word puzzle, so I felt pretty accomplished afterwards.  I included a picture of my first several attempts at today’s poem as a friendly reminder that writing is a process it just takes trying. If I can do it, so can you!


One thought on “8

  1. Day’s end
    Shadows long
    Poem time
    Brain not strong
    Make a rhyme
    While moon shines
    Grey matter fades
    Good night!

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