Netflix Recommendations (for Dayla)

This weekend
I had an snow-in-April induced
solo Netflix Movie Festival
in my half-floored living room

Reliving college
where you,
my twin-named roommate,
and I
would steal your boyfriend (now husbands)’s room
because he had the TV and the futon
to watch movie
after movie
especially that one summer (2006?)
where we spent many hours
applying to jobs
but not hearing back

Remember DJ John’s movie stash?
he had all the good ones
stacked in his plant covered shelf
and he let us sneak in
and borrow movies
even when he wasn’t home

At some point we discovered
College library’s movie collection
it became a ritual for me
through the plastic protective cases
there weren’t many left unseen
by the time you graduated

I found some movies
that I think we would have liked
back then (though they didn’t exist yet then)

No Strings Attached
written by the creator of New Girl
funny to see less well drawn versions of those
characters on other people; also the period mix cd
though college-us would have
shared our infinite dating wisdom
by yelling at the screen

Morning Glory
ebullient Rachel McAdams
tries to revive a dying TV morning show
with grumpy old man Harrison Ford
(man, I love grumpy Harrison Ford)

two step-sisters
in a world where people are implanted
with a timer that notifies them when they
meet their soul mate;
philosophical questions ensue

Take Me Home
Two strangers take an
unlicensed Taxi-cab road trip
New York to California
through beautiful scenery
and relationship metaphors

We can’t go back, and
we wouldn’t want to
but, man some days I sure miss
watching all those movies
with you


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