This month
of writing poems
taught me
that ‘To Grow’
is to show up every day
and put in the work

Inspiration won’t always strike
some days feel like sludging through knee-deep mud
to retrieve words from their deep synaptical caves
some days the number of rewrites
outnumber the amount of
the poem syllables

With time the word finding
meter is strengthened,
and metaphorical speech
develops elasticity
so that when
the right moment arrives
the idea is
supported by
a hammock of poetry skills
elevating your
to a mountain apex


One thought on “23

  1. Spring in the air
    Hay in my hair
    Mud on my shoes
    Baas in the news
    Babies all over
    So little clover
    Lugging more feed
    Farming my creed
    Need lots more sun
    To heighten the fun!

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