In honor of our Symmetraversary.

Today (8 Years ago)

We are
at Joy’s sort-of house
clearing brush for Spring
Today is
Kelly Clarkson’s birthday,
synonymous with holiday
I haven’t seen you since January
and you just returned from
your Israel trip
(the 3 longest weeks of my life,
zero emails
instead of 20 per day)

You hand me an envelope
with rectangle piece of paper
my name in written in English and Hebrew
I am excited,
my polyglot!dreams realized,
so excited
I forget to check the envelope until
after we go bowling,
after our friends’ parent drives me home
instead of you,
even though it would have been on the way
for you
after I email you about
just the piece of paper

a necklace with characters
I know
spells my name
which is confusing
because you have a pattern of buying
girls you like jewelry
I’d seen it.
But, we are just
It’s only because you know
I like languages.
It’s totally different.

I know it.


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