Was brave tonight for solo dinner. It worked out.

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Awhile ago I read this poem on Tumblr
but Of course, I can’t find it now,
about how when we were younger
and the ‘big bad’ happened, there was always
a grownup to handle it, to make it better

The poet realized that our generation became
the adults, a sobering mind-blowing thought
I’ve been getting that feeling, or almost the same
I don’t feel ready, to give answers, I don’t feel
ready to smooth out the complex, or give it a name

And man, I don’t really have more to say
about the pendant of life fear I wear
But! I got sushi for solo dinner today
something I’ve wanted to do awhile, but avoided
due to fear, bravery took only a small step, today

Erin’s poem from yesterday was colossally awesome, check it out!


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