We used to on cleaning Saturdays
each have our stereo
loudly blaring
three distinct styles
of music
if you stood
on the top of the stairs
it was a
a cacophonous masterpiece

I haven’t felt that close
in years; since we moved away
But, my sister-friends
I felt
connected once again
by this month of words

and like our symphonic
our poems
don’t all sound the same
and yet,
they benefit
from juxtaposition
and conversation

I just wanted to say
I’m proud of you

And that’s a wrap, 30 poems in 30 days. Thanks for sticking around! Let me know what you thought? Did you have a favorite poem? Did you have a favorite of Erin’s poems (http://hyperponderating.tumblr.com/) Did you want to keep seeing our poems? Let me know.


One thought on “30

  1. I thought Photosynthesis and Blanket Box Pirates were especially fun!

    The poem occasional
    Is simply sensational
    Keeps things exciting
    Without too much trying

    Thanx for the poetic fun, and the challenge!

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