Bathroom graffiti and school culture

I recently found some vandalism in a high school bathroom stall.

Bathroom grafitti, thought you might appreciate this @t0ri0re0 @erinmmcarlson

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This week, the vandalism got vandalized

Vandalism vandalized

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In an apparent case of missing college I did a literature search on Bathroom Graffiti and school culture to see what people were writing about after one of my facebook friends mentioned that there are lots of Anthropology studies on the topic.

Here’s an accessible read written by an undergraduate student, The Writing on the Stall: Graffiti, Vandalism and Social Expression

The rest of the articles that I found are saved on our laptop whose powercord and battery finally completely sputtered to death yesterday so I won’t be able to finish reading them for awhile.

Feel free to send any things on this topic my way.


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