Book Review: Quiet

Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking

I finished Quiet today. It’s taken me awhile to finish reading it, which is atypical for me. This was partially due to the chapters that described the extrovert ideal which were hard to read because the action packed conferences she attended were so well-described that I needed downtime to recover from the overstimulation. It was partially due to the fact that each chapter was jam-packed with psychological and sociological research that I sometimes needed to pause in order to process the information.

For me, Quiet was like looking into the most accurate mirror on the planet; A mirror that deeply understood me as a person and how I process the world around me. 1) People who are introverts are often highly reactive.  This means that people who are highly reactive are responding to novel situations not just social situations. 2) People who are highly reactive frequently have lower stress than peers on regular days, but extreme stress on bad days.

Quiet looks at introverts vs. extroverts in the workplace, in relationships, and in schools. For instance introverts perform more poorly in open offices, but this can be improved by giving introverts autonomy to choose their work environment. Introverts are sometimes be conflict avoidant in arguments. Additionally, introvert kids frequently get lost in schools, but are successful after high school.

Those were just a few of the facts I gleaned from the book. I would recommend this book if you consider yourself to be an introvert, or if someone close to you is an introvert and you want to understand them.


2 thoughts on “Book Review: Quiet

  1. i read it too – thought it was an excellent non-academic book on the topic & noted citations were quality citations. Worth the read.

    1. Yes I agree about the non-academic book description. I imagine for people who have taken more psychology classes some of the book would have been review.

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