Summer List

Making a list for Adventure Time This Summer Where I will Have A lot of Vacation Time and Josh Will Be Working 50 Plus Hours A Week

Get an actual passport
Make at least 3 things that are pinned to my Pinterest Food board
Finish reviewing/practicing all 112 skills in the Trigonometry/Pre-Calc Section on Khan Academy (currently completed 4/112)
Visit at least 3 state parks
Find somewhere local to volunteer (and volunteer there)
Go to at least 1 outdoor concert
Read at least 3 books a month
Work out at least 3 times per week (if not more)

I’ll update this list as I think of more adventures and as I accomplish them.

Have suggestions of adventures? I’d love to hear them.


One thought on “Summer List

  1. I consider craft making or other skill building to be an adventure, like the soap making we tried the other day for the first time. Exciting if things turn out right the first time too!

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