Turtles lay eggs in June









I went for a walk on a bike path today near my house and it was a turtle extravaganza. I saw 7 different turtles on my route. According to the sign they were probably all lady turtles because mid-June is when they are on land laying eggs.

Turtles #3 and #4 were in the act of laying eggs, and apparently my National Geographic brain took over because I took some videos.  The first video is of the mama turtle digging and the second video has her laying eggs.  I left before she covered the eggs up to give her some privacy.

(Sorry for the weird camera angle at the end.)

Awesome!  I'm atrocious at identifying creatures so if you can figure out what kinds of turtles I saw, let me know!


4 thoughts on “Turtles lay eggs in June

  1. Yes, I agree Snapping Turtles. This is absolutely awesome! I once found the jawbone of one that was quite interesting.

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