The internet is boring, a response

My sister recently announced via Tumblr that the internet is boring and due to that fact she is planning to create more poems this summer.

Here are two poems she’s written recently as part of her “The Internet is Boring” summer project:


Code Breaking

(edited to add: One more!  My pocketbook’s nemesis )

And while I sometimes agree the internet can get boring and I greatly appreciate that she’s writing and sharing more poems I couldn’t pass up the challenge.

Challenge accepted! Erin, here are things we found on the internet for you to look at. Is the internet still Boring?

Here’s a preview of a forthcoming script that reimagines Star Wars as if it were written by Shakespeare. In iambic pentameter!  I read the preview out loud to Josh, died of laughing and then  pre-ordered a copy on Amazon.

My Plate replaced the Pyramid for nutritional guide in the US.  The USDA has a free online tracker to help you track your own nutrition.  (I’m considering trying it as part of my summer projects.)

Josh was reading about Zero motorcycles which is an electric motorcycle company.

Are you lighter in the Morning? Science and Australia!

Pharrell Williams and Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” as if it were recorded in different decades:

Have you found something cool on the internet?


3 thoughts on “The internet is boring, a response

  1. I’ve learned very important chicken things online, aaaaaaand various song lyrics that I couldn’t wholly distinguish with my ears!

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