Ariadne’s String

A poem inspired by Regina Spektor’s Samson, Florence and the Machine’s Rabbitheart and all of the Led Zeppelin songs that reference Lord of the Rings. Also, Erin said I had to write “a narrative fantasy poem” since I made her do it, you can read hers here.


Ariadne’s String


my love will fight

the Minotaur

in the middle of the


he won’t survive


I will get there first


I’ll wind my

way in

with a ball of string


my feet

reaching the


from the window above

they don’t know I’m awake

Swiftly and silently

I run through the

abandoned marketplace

lit only by a crescent


to the winding



Ba-thump, ba-thump

I hear my heart

in my ears

I’m so afraid,

what if I fail?

but moreso

what if

I succeed?


Going in is easy

I’ve seen this before

I’ve lived it

nightly in my dreams

left, right, right, left

darker and dirtier

by the second


Creeping slowly now

I know I’m close

The hulking minotaur

sleeps shuddering

up and down

with each breath


My fingers take over

from years of practice

knitting my

ball of string

into a collar

and wrapping it slowly

around it’s neck


I secure my makeshift

rope chain’s end

to the wall

clashing and clattering

I light a small flame



the beast awakes

and in its


suffocates itself


To bed, before the sunlight

shines on my face

I succeeded, I survived!

no one will suspect

no one can know

I was never even awake.

Bonus Erin poems:

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