The Internet is Boring, Volume 3

My sister is bored with the internet, and I’m annoyingly trying to prove her wrong.


Rebecca Woolf of the blog Girl’s Gone Child and her children got to write their own screenplay and have it animated by experts.

Also, check out the blog post where she talks about the process of making the video. And here’s a post about how you can do animation at home.

Rachel Khoo used to have a tiny restaurant in her apartment, but now has a cooking show on BBC.

Behind the Scenes video of Kelly Clarkson’s photo shoot for the single cover for “Tie it up”


3 thoughts on “The Internet is Boring, Volume 3

  1. I luv that I can watch interviews online, pithy segments of shows instead of entire shows. I luv that I can watch online when it’s convenient to my schedule, and not have to arrange my schedule around a particular network’s. I luv that I can go to the “library” that is the internet and find out just about anything I need to know, anytime I need to know it. I luv that I can order from the public library online, and get notified online when my stuff is in and when a due date is looming. I luv that I can communicate with people anywhere in the world via the internet, rather than the phone (or snail mail), which ties me down more and interrupts my goings-on of the moment.

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