The Internet is Boring, Volume 4

Oh you know, just a round up of beautiful things on the internet for my sister.

PBS mini-films on youtube that show a recipe from farm to table:

As seen on this blog

A Freakonomics podcast about Game Theory and Jane Austen, swoon!

Speaking of Jane Austen, and in case you’re sitting around waiting for The Lizzie Bennet Diaries to come out on DVD, did you ever watch the google hangouts with the writers and producers and actors?
Here’s a 3 hour one from mid-February that I really enjoyed
I also especially loved the google hangout with Ashley Clements and Daniel Vincent Gordh and the one with Julia Cho and Laura Spencer


One thought on “The Internet is Boring, Volume 4

  1. Yum! Researching books, researching guns, looking up release dates, following the news, reading the want ads…..

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