Made from Pinterest One Pan Pasta

I challenged myself to actually make 3 things from my Pinterest board. You can see what I made the first time here.

For food adventure #2 I chose Martha Stewart’s One Pan Pasta. This recipe intrigued me because we currently do not have a dishwasher and usually my culinary endeavors make way too much mess.

All the parts assembled


With the water added


Bring to boil +9 minutes


Yay dinner!


My version was pretty tame because I couldn’t find my red pepper flakes in my pantry until after I finished cooking it (oops!). Also my onion and basil were kind of old so I’m not sure how much flavor they had in them. Despite the mild flavor, the meal grew on me after a few bites.  I am going to guess that it’s one of the recipes that needs to sit for a bit before eating, or that tastes even better as leftovers.

Overall, the preparation and clean up were fairly simple which is the biggest reason I’ll probably make this recipe again sometime.


3 thoughts on “Made from Pinterest One Pan Pasta

  1. This looks delicious and each time you can improve!!!! I myself attack the crap out of my Food board on Pinterest! Its paid off! So many delectable things to be devoured!

    Nice to meet you! I’d love to have you over at Craplandia!

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