The Internet is Boring, Volume 6 (Retro Edition)

As always, internet links for Erin.

Way back in the day, before Wikipedia existed while I was in high school I researched songwriters as a hobby.  It started because I read Kelly Clarkson message boards and songwriter’s databases were the earliest places that hints for new albums appeared. After awhile I realized that at least in country music there was a cadre of songwriters that were writing my favorite songs. And that by keeping track of my favorite songwriters I was able to consistently find music I liked.

One database of songwriters is BMI, which you can get to here. Another database is ASCAP, which you can get to here.

Today I looked up Shakira,

BMI screenshot

I learned that one of her songs “Did it Again” was co-written by Pharrell Williams who is currently well represented on Pop charts with “Get Lucky” and “Blurred Lines.”

bmi screenshot 2


Anyway, the reason I thought of it is that during my recent road trips I listened to country music and two of the new songs that stood out to me were written by my favorite songwriter Lori McKenna. It was exciting to realize I could still recognize songs by their songwriter!

She hasn’t been this much on Country radio since she contributed several songs to a Faith Hill album.

Now it’s much easier to keep track of songwriters, music producers via Wikipedia. Once you start thinking about the songwriters rather than the artists it’s very hard to stop. Some fun places to start Hillary Lindsey, Max Martin and Ryan Tedder.

Have a favorite songwriter?


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