Conversations, overheard and paraphrased

Josh: Have you thought about how Youtube is only 8 years old? And how differently we use the internet now?

Me: Really?

Josh: Facebook didn’t exist, and Youtube was just starting. We use the internet completely differently!

Me: Maybe. I think I’m using the internet the exactly same way I was 8 years ago just you know faster and more, I guess.

Me: For instance, 8 years ago I was lurking on all my friends livejournals/Xanga blogs and now I lurk tumblr/the internet.

8 years ago I was reading Gilmore Girls fanfiction, now I read Lizzie Bennet Diaries fanfiction.

Like seriously, it’s the same, 8 years ago I was watching Luke/Lorelai Tv show clips on youtube and now I watch Luke/Lorelai Tv show highlight clips on youtube!

Josh: Haha!

What do you think, is the internet the same or different?


One thought on “Conversations, overheard and paraphrased

  1. We first heard about the internet (for commoners) when we hosted a foreign student. One of the other people who hosted in the group asked if we’d heard about this new thing called Email, that it could be a great way to keep communicating with the students after they’d gone back to their country. Until then, most of my personal experience with computers were the room-sized ones at the UW, where my Dad would sometimes get banners made for us when we were kids, even with characters like Snoopy on them! Now a day without the amenities of the internet feels like going back to the 1700 or 1800s, like back in the pre-electricity, horse and buggy days…..

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