Staying Honest

Sometimes our project ideas are awesome, and sometimes they don’t work out right away.

Here’s the current color scheme (turquoise, green and grey) in our dining room and it doesn’t really work.



Stay tuned for how we’ll fix it at the moment we don’t know.


3 thoughts on “Staying Honest

  1. Not seein’ the grey. Unless you mean the silver metal? They’re clearly two separate rooms, right? Could you paint black between them for a more significant divide? Or something? The blue and green are kind of refreshing in this very-white winter….

    1. yeah, the Ceiling is “Colonial Cobblestone” (same as the living room) which is a silvery-y grey, but we didn’t finish painting, so around the door, there’s still some white on the ceiling.

  2. Ooooohhhhh, now I see it. Well, I kind of like it all, but maybe you could divide more or distinguish between the two rooms with some kind of definitive distinguisher……

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