Poem 2 (Sif)

She is called Sif

prophetess warrior wife

of Thor

stolen from our

Northern Kingdom

Fair Sif, of Asgard

from atop the castle tower

she watches

Loki, he who is tricky,

he climbs and climbs and climbs

unseen (he thinks)

to slice blonde


a harmless prank

she knew

and yet she wept

she survived

and yet the

wheat fields failed

a Sif bereft

Thor, in mighty anger,

decreed and commissioned

a weave of gold

a helmet golden

Sif, she now is

a mighty warrior


she now is wisdom

she now is strength

Today’s prompt was attempt a poem from Mythology other than Greek or Roman Mythology. Here is my attempt at Sif (Thor’s Wife) because Surprise, surprise Marvel Comics got it wrong!  My apologies to Norse mythology experts but for my crash course in Sif-dom you can click to read about her on Wikipedia, and in the translation of the Prose Edda (here and here).


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