NaPoWriMo Catch up 1

Here’s a quick way to catch up on this weeks poems.

Here’s the links to what Erin posted
1. about greeting Spring
2. a poem that’s sort of about writing sort of about Vikings/Trolls
3. a sweet lament about Long Distance Dating
4. A Lune about the Perils of Hulu and George Clooney
5. A poem that describes the sun’s radiation and her first day sans shoes

Here’s links to recap my poems this week

1. Thoughts upon waking up on April Fool’s Day
2. my take on Sif from Norse Mythology
3. My moment of optimism about the end of spring
4. A Lune about the Driftless Area
5. my epic battle with my blankets

We’d love to hear what you think! Nominate your favorite poem, phrase or word. Feel free to send your ideas our way.


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