iTunes shuffle poem, take 2

Dear Kendra,
since you asked
here’s everything you want to know about
finding Mr. Right
compile and compare
a list of
the ballads of love and hate
from your youth
this is the language
of breakups and adoration 
your heart is
fluent in
be with someone who
likes you in your own skin
where you’re
as comfortable
yoga pants,
as your favorite mary jane’s;
(the) last dance of the night

in cooking or literature or projects
learn and laugh
and conquer
 you are the a team
against the world!
but most importantly
when your heart says
“I think I’m in love”
be brave enough
to live it
(My friend wanted her own poem and sent me her 5 iTunes songs. I thought it turned out pretty good, so you guys get to see it too.  I reserve the right to use this as a free pass to skip a poem if I have an off day later this month. Here’s Kendra’s playlist (they are links again!): 1. Everything you want- Vertical Horizon 2. Mary Jane’s Last Dance -Tom Petty 3. The A Team – Ed Sheehan. 4. The Ballad of Love and Hate- Avett Brothers 5. Think I’m in love – Beck)

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